Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Incy Wincy

The girls discovered the proper Arabic word for spider in a board book I offered them at Christmas. They love this book, both of them now (try to) sing the arabic alphabet. They now know the arabic words for frog, chick, rabbit, spider and cockerel.

The thing is, apart from the most familiar animals such as dog, cat, cow and sheep, I mostly use the French words for animals. So until now a chick has always been poussin and a spider has always been araignée. Now a chick is also "sous" and a spider is "ankaboot". I am chuffed that they embraced so readily these new words.

Now I should give myself a kick in the backside and start teaching BK1 some basics for reading and writing Arabic.

Oh, and the girl's favourite nursery rhyme at the moment is:
Incy Wincy Ankaboot climbed up the water spout ... BabelDad and I find their rendition absolutely hilarious!