Thursday 23 December 2010

No Secret Language - the Other Angle

The situation: we're sitting together, eating. BK1 & BK2 are not 100% concentrated on the task at hand, as usual. Babelmum adds a bit too much chili to her food (happens) and I'm making fun of her. She dares me to try myself, which I do.

BK1 wants to say something about me, so she gets up, walks around the table and whispers something to BM in Arabic. I can kind of hear the words, but I don't understand. BK2 claims she knows what has been said, and as BK1 asks her to whisper it, she whispers "Ma'alabaliche" ("I don't know"), which we all find adorable.

Funny thing is: why did BK1 whisper? I can't really say I understand when the BM and BKs speak Arabic! Doesn't BK1 know that?

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