Sunday 16 December 2007

Bed time stories

For the last couple of months, our daughter has asked us to tell a specific story before she goes to sleep. Souad was the first to tell it, in a mixture of French and Algerian. A couple of days later, Lilia wanted me to tell it, so I did it in German.

We have told her the story at least 20 times by now, and she surely knows all the words and characters. But every now and again, she will ask us to translate certain words in the story, like this:

J: Also sagt die Mama "Dann hol' ich halt die Kuh!"
L: Wassmou Kuh? [what's the name for ...]
J: Weiss ich nicht
L: Vache!
J: Ach so. Und die Mama sagt zur Kuh ...

She does this in both directions: when I tell the story in German, and when Souad tells it in Arabic. It is, however, the only story that she does it for.

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