Monday 17 December 2007

Songs & Chansons

We have a book of French songs and rhymes for children. The book comes with a CD with 30 of those songs.

For some reason, the CD ended up in a CD player in the kitchen, and whenever we are in the kitchen, Lilia wants to listen to it. Of course she started to learn how to sing the songs herself.

When Souad & Lilia started to go to a local Mum's & Tot's group, Lilia was introduced to her first english song: "Hokey Cokey"

They also sang other songs in English, and Lilia also picked up some of the theme tunes of her favourite shows on CBeebies.

Essentially, she has been singing French chansons and English songs all her life.

The only thing missing? German songs, Lieder. That's mainly because I do not like singing to her for some strange reason that I do not understand ;-)

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