Thursday 6 March 2008

Things Lilia got wrong

I mentioned before that Lilia seems to think that English and German are "two variations of the same thing". The best example is the word "got".

Instead of saying "Ich habe auch 5 Finger" ("I have 5 fingers, too"), she almost always says "I got auch 5 Finger" or even "Ich got auch 5 Finger".

She has been doing it even before she started to go to the group, so it must come from either one of two sources: CBeebies, the BBC channel for kids, or Amine, her friend.

I have been trying to emphasize the word "habe" when I speak with her, thinking it might make her copy me and give up the "got", but so far she sticks with it.


Here's hoping she'll change that one day...

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