Monday 12 May 2008

Alphabet Quiz

BK (Babel Kid) goes to pre-school three mornings a week. This term, children are focusing on letters of the alphabet. I personally think this is too early for 3-year olds, but who am I to know better than the specialists... Each week has a letter theme. This week, it's L. So each child brings an item beginning with the letter L. BK took a lego lamb this morning, two L's in one go!

The problem is the language of course. She obviously needs to take something beginning with L in English. Knowing that a lamb is called Schaf (in German) or Agneau (in French), it could be hard to grasp the principle of alphabet at this stage. Or maybe not.


  1. I thought schools in Europe introduce alphabets only later.

    BK is just 3 years old, I'm almost sure when she's a bit older she'll crack the codes much easier.

  2. Hi,
    I don't know about the alphabet introduction in other European countries. Here, schools and pre-schools focus a lot on numeracy and literacy, from age 3.

    I guess it's indeed later in Germany as school there only starts at age 6/7. School in the UK starts in the year following the 4th birthday!



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