Monday 16 June 2008

Lilia lives in a "neutral zone"

I have tried hard, but I think I have to declare defeat: for Lilia, all nouns are "neutral".

In German, nouns can be female ("die Sonne"), male ("der Mond") or neutral ("das Wasser"). In French, nouns are female ("la lune") or male ("le soleil").

Even though both Souad and I use the articles correctly and use reflection (Lilia: "Regarde le vache!" Souad: "la vache?"), Lilia seems to just do it the English way: she only ever uses "das" in German.

This is the second thing she is not picking up at all (along with "got"). I was hoping the week we spent in Germany two weeks ago might fix it but it did not.

So I'm giving up. It'll fix itself eventually, I'm sure.

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