Saturday 15 August 2009

English Accent

I mentioned earlier that Lilia has a Mancunian accent when she speaks English, but I have never written about accent in general.

Unfortunately, native speakers of her other three languages all say she has an accent.

Her German seems to be pretty much from the north, which is probably due to my influence.

Her Arabic comes with an accent that some of our friends describe as "german", others as "funny".

And her French has an English accent, our friends in France say.

Poor Lilia! But I am confident it'll work out ok.


  1. D's (my 3 year old) Spanish is far better than his English as this point. Spanish speakers can understand his Spanish fine, but English speakers (a.k.a my mother) has commented that he has a very strong Spanish accent. I do not notice it much since we only speak to each other in Spanish. I am sure that with time it will disappear so I am not worried at all.

  2. Accents are fascinating! I begun a post on this a while ago, I need to finish it...thanks for sharing, Jan!


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