Wednesday 18 November 2009

Updated Family Language Diagram

One big influence on BK1 and BK2 was missing from our family language diagrams, so I added it now: the environment.

We are living in the UK. Everyone around us speaks English except some of our friends. BK1 goes to school and is immersed in English (or rather Mancunian) from 9 to 3 every day. Their favourite TV channel is CBeebies, obviously a BBC channel and therefore English.

I have also changed the colours for BK2. She doesn't really speak so far but she can say certain things in two languages, in a way. Her words for "shoes" resemble the Arabic and German words.

As mentioned before, Clo over at MTK inspired me, and others are following the trend.


  1. Thanks for crediting, Jan ;o) Indeed, watch out for that environmental language, senaking up on your kids any time now....

  2. Hi Clo,
    English is already sneaking up between the girls. When they are absorbed in playing, BK1 babbles to herself in English, not directly speaking to BK2, but still English is there.


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