Monday 14 June 2010

Back to school, or not

BK1 has just gone back to school. The Babel Husband is right now walking her to school, pushing BK2 in the pushchair. BK1 is so excited to go back to school after a two weeks-break, she darts out of the door, and is skipping with excitement. I will miss her, the last two weeks I got used again to having her around. Phone call from BH: "Are you sure it's school today? There is only one car parked in front of the school. There is no Lollipop Man, and ... wait ... the reception door of the school is shut." Darn, today is In Service Day, term begins tomorrow.

I have to admit I am glad to have my daughter for another day, though it means she will have to come with me to the LLL meeting. She is back now. She says she is not disappointed as she gets to go to the LLL meeting. She had already asked me yesterday if she could come with me, so she could see some of her home-schooled friends, and there you go.

Just so that this post is not totally unrelated to bilingualism, I would like to mention that LLL meetings and events in general have always been an opportunity to meet with multilingual families. I once was at a meeting of 5 mums with 5 different nationalities and mother tongues: German, Italian, Israeli, English and Algerian (yours and truly). I put this down to the desire of foreigners to belong to a community with shared values. Such a community is not always easy to find in our direct local neighbourhood when you are an immigrant.

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  1. That's very cool. I wonder if there would be an equally impressive international contingent at a LLL meeting here in Boulder, Colorado? A good friend is working towards becoming a LLL leader, so I'll ask her. (There was a breastfeeding support group at the hospital where Griffin was born, so I always went there and never tried the LLL meetings myself.)


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