Friday 15 October 2010

Interpreting is Easy for a BabelKid!

(This is the 100th article if I counted correctly. I'm amazed!)

Anyway, we were having dinner and were talking about something. The word "cozy" was uttered by someone and this is what followed:

BK1: "Papa, was heisst 'cozy'?" ("papa, what does 'cozy' mean?)
BD: "gemütlich"
BK1: "ah"
BM: "Ca veut dire quoi, 'gemütlich'?" ("what does 'gemütlich' mean?")
BK1: "snuggly" (and she makes a gesture like she's pulling up her blanket)

How easy it was for her to find the word and say it! I was still thinking about how we Germans always claim that "gemütlich" has so many things attached it cannot properly be translated.

And that's the difference between speaking a couple of languages and growing up with them. I will never be able to do what she does.


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  1. I love that kids can so easily switch languages without even thinking about it. How often have I searched for a word in a specific language and have had to reach over to a dictionary to find it. Crazy that the little ones are so much better at it. :-)


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