Wednesday 9 February 2011

Another nursery rhyme

BK1 at school, BK3 nursing to sleep, BK2 pottering around me and singing "Frere Jacques, frere Jacques", in a very heavy English accent.
Me: Who sings it this way?
BK2: Alison (her nursery teacher)
Me: How does mummy sing it?
BK2: Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques (in perfect French accent)
Then, she goes off and carries on singing Frere Jacques the English way!


  1. So funny. I sing 'sing 'a' semolina' (classic hated British dessert?!) for the third line as I cannot remember the words ever - even DD1 corrects me.

  2. So cute!

    These kids don't miss a thing, do they?!

  3. yes, funny and not unusual as I found out from multilingual friends over the week-end :)

  4. Thats too funny. No offense, but my inability to make even a half way decent French accent is one reason I haven't been able to be serious about studying the language. The only time I sound even halfway there is when I'm doing something so strange with my tongue and nasal passages that I can't breath and talk at the same time.

  5. No offense taken, your description of the tongue contortions speaking french is too funny! Some resesearch says that by the time we are 12, our throat muscles are fully developed, thus making it impossible to master certain sounds if we had not done so before then ...


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