Tuesday 25 October 2011

English, English, English

There is currently no need to ake a new family language diagram because BK3 is only just starting to make recognisable sounds. She seems to say her oldest sister's name, "mama" and "papa", and yesterday I thought she repeated "Katze" ("cat") after me, but I'm not sure.

BK2 is now using English words everywhere. No matter what language she is currently speaking, 20% up to 90% of the words are English. That makes for some very funny phrases, of course. The Babelmum was glad the other day when she noticed BK2 does it with German as well, whereas I have gotten so used to it I didn't even notice anymore.

Mind you BK2 still expects me to say it back in proper German. When I don't, she looks at me like something important is missing.

BK1 is reading a lot, preferrably in English, but she can read French and German. She is also interested in learning the Arabic alphabet and she is writting letters on the whiteboard and even putting them together to form words. She also writes a lot, again in English. Her latest thing is to write a diary, parts of which she will then type up on a web site that allows pupils to post (like a forum).

There is a lot of English flying around in our house currently.

But our last trip to Algeria was a couple of months ago and the last visit from someone German even longer. I guess it's totally normal that without further input, all kids lean towards the language we're immersed in. Our trip to Germany around Christmas is likely to bring a lot of German back.

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