Thursday 17 May 2012

Franco-German Cooperation Illustrated

After a week of being pampered by our German auntie, we are now back to me shouting at everyone to pick their clothes up and eat at the table. Remember, I am still hobbling on crutches and unable to use our uber-heavy Dyson.

This week has been an intense German immersion for the girls and me.
At bedtime, two hours after the beloved auntie's departure, BK1 was choosing a book to read. Now you would expect her to pick a book in English or German, particularly after the intense exposure to German.

She chose "La Soupe au Caillou" by Michel Hindenoch.

It must have been a couple of years since I last read this book to the girls. As she is conscious of her higher reading ability in English, BK1 usually dislikes reading aloud in French or German.
Yesterday though, she spontaneously chose to read in French, aloud.

I think this illustrates that consolidating a minority language has a positive impact on the other minority languages, don't you think?

In advance, apologies for BK3's energetic and noisy antics!

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