Wednesday 26 September 2012

A Polite Baby

BK3, at 22 months, is so polite. Whenever I or BabelDad hand her something, she invariably says: "Merci" or "Danke".

Her politeness is far greater than her sisters', particularly BK1's. I blame it on Unconditional Parenting - one of my favourite parenting books.

When BK1 was a toddler, I never made a big fuss about thank you and please. I trusted that she would realise in time that being polite and courteous to others would be more agreeable than being curt and bossy.

More often than not, she now does use polite language. In English. She tends to forget to say Merci, S'il te plait, Bitte, Danke etc to us, her family.

BK2 seems to be doing a bit better on this front. I don't have to remind her often to say please and thank you to us and to her sisters.

Anyway, going back to BK3, she was tired last night, ready to go to bed.
BK3: "Tétée!"*
Me, having just fed her an hour earlier: "Non!"
BK3, in a soft imploring voice: "S'il te plait..."

This has got to be one of the cutest things she's ever said :)

* And to those wondering what tétée means, yes BK3 is a breastfeeding toddler :)


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    1. I know, she's a sweet baby, apart from when she screams/shouts/screeches... :)


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