Wednesday 5 December 2012

Food, Glorious Food!

Today, I have literally been cooking up a storm, an international one for that matter: I am making a sticky gingerbread, Thamthunt (Algerian bread) and a veggie Lasagna.


That's what happens when I'm hungry. Reason: I am fasting. I am making up for a couple of days I missed during Ramadan in August. The BabelDad is fasting too, out of solidarity. He makes fun of me. He says I am a cheat, as I choose the shortest days in the year to fast - sunset is at a measly 3.55 compared to the 10pm+ during summer.


I tried to enlist BK3's help to keep her busy. But no, whisking eggs and weighing sugar are not good enough tasks for a two-year old. She absolutely needs to stir the hot treacle mix and flatten the bread with dirty hands! (rest assured, I did not let her).

Here I am trying to finish the Bechamel sauce, and tidy up the kitchen before fetching the older two from school. By now, BK3 is running wild, taking the pepper mill apart and climbing on the worktop.


Then, while I put the peanut butter jar in the fridge, her little voice goes:
"Maman, zidee khobz maa beurre de cacahuètes" (mum, more bread with peanut butter).

I was struck by the clarity, fluidity and length of this Franco-Arabic sentence.

What a joy to witness multilingualism developing for the third time in our house!


  1. This looks fantastic! Can you elaborate on the Thamthunt? What kind of bread is it? How would you normally eat it?

    And I would choose the shortest day to fast too. :)

  2. Looks yummy! I looooove lasagne :-)


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