Monday 21 January 2013

The Sweetest Thing

Our third daughter (aka BK3) is 26 months old, and her language skills are developing fast.

This morning, at the breakfast table, I prepared her bowl of cereal (crunchy oats with home-made greek yoghurt, yum!). I passed the bowl to BabelDad who gave it in turn to its rightful owner. BK3 thanked her dad: "Danke papa". BK1 noted that she should thank me too. BK3 then said: "Merci maman".
Effortless language switching = multilingualism en marche!

The other day, BK3 and I were sat on the sofa, reading a book. I could not resist kissing the top of her sweet-smelling head. She looked up at me and mumbled something.
Me: "Pardon?"
BK3: "Je t'aime"



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