Tuesday 24 June 2014

Farewell England

As I sit here surrounded by paperwork, I suddenly realise this is my last week in England. In four days, we will say goodbye to ten years of our lives in Manchester. We're leaving dear friends behind. Our babies were all born here.

When we cam here, we thought we'd go back to southern France after a maximum of two years, once the economic situation improved. 10 years, 3 children and a few local moves later, we are now heading back to the continent. Direction: Basel. How long for? That's anybody's guess.

New adventures await us, linguistic ones not being the least. We'll be in the Swiss-speaking part of Switzerland, with large monorities of various backgrounds. It will be a chance dor the BabelKids to improve their German and be in an inherently multilingual environment. It will be interesting to watch the impact this new chapter in our lives will have on our family's languages and culture. 

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