Thursday 1 January 2015

2014: Year of Change

As we bid farwell to 2014 and welcome 2015, I, like the rest of the wolrd reminesce on what happened last year, and wonder what (hopefully good) things the new year will bring.

2014 was a year of massive change for our family. When it started, never did we suspect it would mean:

  • New job for BabelDad.
  • New job for me.
  • New country, language, culture in the landlocked, yet huge melting pot, island that is Switzerland.
  • Saying goodbye to dear friends that we made these last ten years in the North of England.
  • Saying goodbye to our lovely house.
  • Saying goodbye to our dream of going back to the South of France.
  • Getting one sea nearer our families.
  • And last but not least, new pregnancy with BK4 expected in February this year.

So here's to warm memories and new adventures!

Happy new year! Bonne année! Gutes Neues Jahr! عام سعيد

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