Thursday 13 August 2015

Fresh Swiss Air

Since our move to Switzerland last year, the children have been spending a lot of time outside. I mean they already did back in England, particularly in our lovely ex-garden and national parks during the weekend.

However, being outdoors here has taken a whole new dimension. Some of it is undoubtedly 'cause the weather in Basel is slightly better than in Manchester.

Walking to school 

BK1 (10) and BK2 (7) walk to school in the morning and come back home for lunch, everyday. Twice or three times a week they do so again in the afternoon. The school is a mere mile away!
On those all-day school days, they sometimes take the (public) bus to school though, in order to be back in time.

Playing outside

We're lucky to be living in a green neighbourhood, with a play area, a bicycle track and trees to climb. BK3 (4) being with me at home usually has at least one bike/scooter ride a day.
After school, the girls play with the neighbourhood kids, outside of course.

School trips

BK2 has been on 13 school outings, that's one every 3 weeks! BK2's class climbed a hill and of course lit a fire to cook their lunch. They've been to the outdoor pool, the zoo, the forest, water tower and ice skating. Kids usually either walk or take public transport.

BK1 was not left out, as she's been on numerous times hiking, ice skating, to the zoo and forest.

All in all, I can safely say I am happy with the amount of fresh Swiss air the children get!

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