Friday, 28 March 2008

Other Multilingual Parents' Blogs

A couple of days ago, Souad told me about Rebecca. Rebecca is American but she lives in Japan. Her husband is German. I'd say they're in a right mess ;-)

Rebecca has been blogging about her children and their languages on her blog called Adventures in Trilingual Parenting. I spent an hour reading, occasionally nodding and murmuring things like "yup" and "exactly". Needless to say I have subscribed to her blog and am looking forward to more of her writing.

Today, I tried to find more similar blogs, and I came across Trilingual - Indonesian, French & English and Bringing up Baby Bilingual. I am going to read through those two as well during the next days.

The important part here is: we really are not alone, but I was expecting to find more blogs, to be honest. If anyone knows of another related blog, would you please let me know?

Thanks a lot!