Thursday 27 March 2008

Shocker: my Daughter is a Mancunian!

I may have mentioned this before: Lilia has a Mancunian accent when she speaks English!

While English people from the south would probably see that as a problem, I think it is funny. And it will make it blatantly obvious to everybody that her English has been acquired in England, as opposed to at school or during a year in the US or a week in the UK.

Speaking of accents: Lilia calls herself "Nija" (pronounced somehwat like "Neeya") most of the time, but she recently surprised us by flawlessly reproducing how her pre-school teacher pronounces the name (the first "i" is different, the "l" is different, and the second "i" is longer).

We'll see how long it takes before she can say her name the way it's supposed to sound...

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