Friday 28 March 2008

Other Multilingual Parents' Blogs

A couple of days ago, Souad told me about Rebecca. Rebecca is American but she lives in Japan. Her husband is German. I'd say they're in a right mess ;-)

Rebecca has been blogging about her children and their languages on her blog called Adventures in Trilingual Parenting. I spent an hour reading, occasionally nodding and murmuring things like "yup" and "exactly". Needless to say I have subscribed to her blog and am looking forward to more of her writing.

Today, I tried to find more similar blogs, and I came across Trilingual - Indonesian, French & English and Bringing up Baby Bilingual. I am going to read through those two as well during the next days.

The important part here is: we really are not alone, but I was expecting to find more blogs, to be honest. If anyone knows of another related blog, would you please let me know?

Thanks a lot!


  1. Hi, Multilingual Living Magazine is online, they provide many infos on multilingualism.
    Glad to have found your blog also.


  2. Hi Jan,
    It's interesting to real this post that you wrote 3 years ago, mentioning that there weren't that many bi/multilingual blogs that you were able to find...initially, I went to post this comment to let you know of some blogs I've discovered, but then I noticed the date, checked your sidebar, and made the conclusion that since 2008, a heck of a lot more parents out there are blogging about their bi and multilingual journeys!
    I appreciate your sharing your stories here, am also VERY curious about what software you used to created your family language diagram, and thought I would mention that I have a list of 17 language blogs on my site, as well, most of which are different than the blogs you have listed on yours.
    I am impressed, to say the least, of the endeavor you've undertaken. I struggle with bilingualism, can't imagine adding TWO more languages to the mix! Good on ya ALL!!
    Portland, OR

  3. Hi

    Just started my own blog...

    about our own mess!!! Check it out.

  4. Lovely Annabelle, great mix of languages there! It will be interesting to compare notes, as both our families are exposed to 4 languages. Good luck with the blog.
    And yes, I do believe you have to nag your hubby to speak portuguese wenever possible, good luck with this too :)

  5. @Tamara

    I never answered your comment, sorry about that!

    You are right: a lot of bi- and multilingual blogs have appeared since 2008, and I think that is a great thing!

    It almost makes me think we should connect the kids so they could meet up when they're older or at least have a virtual community...


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