Friday 22 April 2011

Grandads speak different languages

BK2, who turned 3 in Februray -
The following conversation occurred at Gymnastics class. A little girl C is accompanied to the class by her granddad.
BK2: "Maman, c'est le papa de C?" (Mum, is this C's dad?)
Me: "Non, c'est son papy" (No, it's her granddad)
Later, we are in the car park about to leave. BK2 spots C's granddad van.
BK2: "Le papy de C parle en Anglais." (C's granddad speaks English)
Me: "Oui ..." (Yes...)
Me after 1/2 a sec pause: "Kifach yehdar papy taa'ek?" (How does your papy speak?)
BK2: "En Francais. Parfois aussi Anglais." (French and Arabic, sometimes English)
Me: "Ah bon? wach iqoul en Anglais?" (Really? What does he say in English?)
BK2: "Hello."
Conclusion: Papy's speak different languages. 

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