Saturday 23 April 2011

In the Park

BK2 again.
We are in the park, gorgeous weather as anyone in England can tell you. We have been basking in perfect summer time for the last week.
My friend F is here with her three girls, along with her friend A with her two boys. The BK's don't know the boys. But as children do, they seem to have known each other all their lives after 15 minutes.
One of the boys, D aged 8, is playing with BK2. I come over, ask BK2 to stay with the older kids, away from the water. I start moving away.
D: "Do you speak French?"
BK2 ( a surprised look on her face): "No, I speak English" - implying, what? can you not tell?
I can tell you D has an even more surprised look on his face.

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