Tuesday 19 July 2011

There will be Arabic

We are preparing for our traditional summer holidays: Bablemum and the Babelkids are going to Algiers to visit the grandparents while I stay home. I will then join them a month from now.

BK1 and BK2 are currently speaking German a lot, no doubt because my mum and my sisters daughter visited us 10 days ago. They also brought German books which I read although I am starting to think the Babelkids prefer books in English.

Anyway, doesn't matter, because in 3 days they're off to Algeria and they'll be fully immersed in Arabic for almost 6 weeks!

When they come back, they will have switched to speaking Arabic between them mostly. I am even wondering whether they'll use any English at all. They did last year, but not a lot.

So from September to December, English will slowly work its way back into their language and then we're off to Germany for Christmas and it'll all change again.

Brilliant, innit? ;-)


  1. this message is for jan and i did figure out that you were a male and edited my blog just moments before i received your comment! i do apologize for that! hope the added in link suits you ok. ;) cheers!

  2. Thanks a lot, Maria! And thank you for including the link after deadline. Much obliged!


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