Wednesday 17 August 2011

Lost German

The other day I when I was on the phone with the Babelmum, BK1 walked past and decided she wanted to speak with me. So BM passed the phone over.

It felt slightly weird after two and a half weeks to speak with my eldest daughter. I had almost forgotten her voice.

But for her, it was apparently even weirder!

For the first couple of minutes she wasn't really able to say anything but "Ja" ("yes"). I think it took about 3 minutes for her to muster all her German and produce a sentence.

Funny. Makes me wonder how it'll be when I see them on Monday.

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  1. It'll go fine, of course! :)

    But it is a bit unpredictable at the same time - when we got the kids back after 10 days at the English-speaking grandparents this past spring, their German had not suffered one bit. In fact, it appeared that at least for the little one there had been some progress (odd, I know!). When we just picked them up after another week at the English-speaking grandparents, it turned out that the little one had temporarily lost his active German entirely. He understood everything I said to him, but answered in English and struggled when I asked him to speak German. Took him a couple of days before he was back to normal. The eldest, however, wasn't phazed by the upheavel in her language environment at all.

    Good luck - and enjoy your trip!


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