Tuesday 28 February 2012

How to get away with swearing on national US television

Jean Dujardin has won the Oscar for best actor, the first ever French actor to win the prestigious award.
I remember when I first saw him in the mid nineties, in one of the first talent search shows in France, Graine de Star. Then in the late 90's-early 2000 in Un Gars, Une Fille (A Guy, A Girl). At the time, I had just met the BabelDad. We, as well as many 20something and 30something, followed the on-screen and off-screen romance of Jean (Chouchou) and his co-star Alexandra Lamy (Loulou), who eventually got married in real life.

That night of the Academy Awards, Jean Dujardin struck gold. Twice. First the statue. Second the p**ain word.
His joy summarised in the last "Wow, P**ain, Génial, Merci, Formidable" is a pleasure to hear; in spite of swearing; or because of it.


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