Monday 27 February 2012

Unusual Mixing of Languages

The following discussion happened earlier tonight:

Me (to the Babelwife): J'ai quand même arreté bosser il y a 10 minutes... [French: I only finished working about 10 minutes ago]
BK1: Warum? [German: Why?]
Me: Weil ich heute tierisch viele Sachen machen mußte. [German: I had to do shedloads of things today.]
BW (didn't really listen): Quoi? [French: What?]
BK1: blabla besaf blablabla [Arabic: he had to do lots of things today.]

Interestingly enough, we notice these kinds of situations. That can only mean they don't happen that often. Who would have thought?

Also: I can not repeat Arabic phrases my family use. Neither vocally nor in writing. Sorry about that.

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