Monday 13 February 2012

To drive or not to drive

Why do I have the impression that there are so many people who do not drive in England?

One reason is probably cost, particulary for young people. I am sure some people make a conscious environmental decision of not driving. Also, public transport is probably, believe it or not, more developed in the UK than many parts of, say France. So the need for driving, particularly for those who live in cities is lessened.
It is still an enigma to me that so many people seem not to even have a driving licence.

As I was growing up in Algeria, driving was only starting to be accessible to women. During the 80's, feminism was at its height. Women were asking for equality in education, work and civil rights. Driving was definitely seen as a form of freedom and independence. Even now, a woman driving a car in Algeria often equates an emancipated and educated woman.

I try to go on foot or cycle whenever I can. However, I am grateful for the freedom that driving gives me, particularly since having the children.

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  1. Here in rural Japan, almost everyone drives. The license is prohibitively expensive but still everyone needs to drive to get to work. We are a one-car family by choice and people have even asked us if we are too poor to get a second car! I enjoy bicycling and taking the bus more than driving, but public transport is not very developed in this part of Japan.

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