Thursday 29 March 2012

Mother's Day

In England, Mother's day falls on the 4th Sunday of Lent. So, every year it's on a different day.
In Algeria and France, Mother's day is on the last Sunday of May. To this day, my mother refuses to believe that Mother's day falls on a totally different day here!

BK1 (7 last week) and BK2 (4 last month) made me cards at school and pre-school respectively. BK2 signed her own name on her card. BK1's read:
pour maman
sas se pour toi
Je teme toujour
Je vais tede*
I was overjoyed while reading/deciphering the card. Writing in French was such a sweet gesture.

BK1's teacher asked me yesterday, at parent's evening, if I liked my card. I replied that I did. The teacher then told me that BK1 had asked her if she could write in French. I wondered why BK1 had wanted to write the card in French, and the teacher simply said "because she can".

* to mummy
this is for you
I love you always
I will help you


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