Friday 6 April 2012

German wins?

So BK3 has decided that she should maybe start using words. Or rather a word.

For quite some time, she has been nodding or shaking her head in order to signal "yes" or "no", but apart from "mama" (means all sorts of things and sometimes refers to the Babelmum), "papa" (means all sorts of things and sometimes refers to me) and "miam miam" ("feed me!" or "I'm eating"), she hasn't been too vocal.

But then, all of a sudden, she stood in front of me, raised her arms and said what BK2 would say: "ARMIE! ARMIE!" which is derived from the German "Arm" and means "Carry me!".

Hm? What? English? No way! "Arm" is totally a German word.


  1. Woot! I'll chalk that one up for German. :)

  2. Thanks ;-)

    You know how it is with us Germans... we just can't get over it...

  3. We always interpret our kids' speech in a way that suits us! We all do it.. Parenta know best!

    I will be hosting this month's blogging carnival. Hope you or BabelMum can contribute a word or two!

  4. Hi Annabelle,

    Feel free to include this one:


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