Saturday 28 April 2012

The mysterios poem

higher and higher and higher they flew.
bigger and bigger and bigger the bomb grew.
over the sea and over the hills,
calling their teddys teddy sills.
The centipede said "I want food"
but the others said he was very rude.

The people in the city stared,
and the president of the city glared.
He sent his army to fight,
but they had to do it with all their might.

meanwhile on the bomb they all looked to the floor,
but then they heard a terifing roar.
It sounded like a dragon
roaring and being dragged into a wagon.

Just then came a plane,
which was called a super Jane.
She cut through the seagull string
and sent them tumbling through the wind.

when they actually reached the floor,
they could still hear the terifying roar.

It was the dragon who wanted to be their freind.

ps: BK1, aged 7, wrote this poem at home over two days. She had just finished reading  James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. She said of Roald Dahl: "Yekteb exciting, ma usich bezzef wow words, just a few". (he writes in an exciting way, he does not use many wow words, just a few).
Later on she said writing a rhyming poem had been hard work, next time she will write a non-rhyming one.

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