Saturday 21 April 2012

This multilingual thing...*

I am struggling to cope with the amount of English that is pouring out of BK2. She now even, sometimes, talks to me in 100% English sentences. Earlier,  she went: "You forgot to do your hood zip". It felt as if my child was  talking to someone else...

She usually, at least, uses Arabic syntax. Not this time. I had to ask her to say it again in our language, to which she replied she does not know how. So, I had to help her figure out the words, before I repeated the complete sentence in Arabic/French.

Later, BK2 saw a bird in the garden:
BK2: "Hawlik a robin" (there's a robin)
Me: "Un rouge-gorge" (lit. a red-throat, robin in French)
BK2, seriously: "Non, un orange-gorge" (No, an orange-throat)

This multilingual thing can be really hard, challenging and frustrating at times.
And so rewarding.

* The title of this post was inspired by Fiona from Living in the Land of Chocolate ;-)

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