Friday 22 June 2012

The Germans Came

I am hanging the washing up. Well, not really. I am putting the washing on the radiators to dry, cause it is summer, so the heater is on and the rain is pouring down (rant on the British weather over).

The following conversation took place in Arabic and French, but for the sake of comprehension, I translated it into English.

Me: You have not told me what you did today at school.
BK1, casually: Hm... Oh yeah, the Germans came.
Me, wide-eyed: What??
BK1: These German teenagers visited the school today.
Me: Did you speak German with them?
BK1: Yes, I said my name, they said their names and we talked about our hobbies.

Wow! This is BK1's second multilingual adventure outside the home in one week. Thanks to school. Who would had thought.

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