Tuesday 27 November 2012

Family Language Diagram - November 2012

Our family language diagram has changed, mainly because BK3 is now clearly speaking.

BK1 is still speaking all her 4 languages. English is definitely her mother tongue and I don't expect that to change unless we move to a different country at some point. She is pretty flexible and switches between her languages effortlessly. Her German is ok and understandable, but she hasn't seen the German part of the family for some time so she's rusty. Our Christmas trip will likely change that to some extent.

BK2 also speaks all her 4 languages, and English is even more clearly her mother tongue. She defaults to English, though, which BK1 does not do that much. Her level of German is almost on a par with BK1, not quite.

BK3 turned 2 a couple of weeks ago. She is clearly speaking with us, and she is definitely making a difference between languages. She uses different words for things depending on whether she speaks with me or the Babelwife. I reckon she has understood that we speak differently. I am not sure what she thinks of BK1 & BK2 and their way of speaking.

BK3 also has a tendency to use English when she's playing with BK1 or BK2, just like BK2 did when she started to speak. And the first time I heard her use a proper sentence it was in English ("put that down!" to one of her sisters).

So there we are, all going fine.


  1. Thanks for the update! I can't wait till my daughter (about six months younger than BK3) starts speaking. Your children are amazing!

    1. Thanks Sarah!

      I reckon it is almost time for the next update ;-)


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