Tuesday 27 November 2012

Hear the Northerners!

We are at the breakfast table, going through BK1's spelling list.
BK1 brings a weekly list of 10 words to learn. The teacher then tests the children on how well they can spell their words.

I personally think this exercise has limited benefit, to say the least. Reading and writing are the most valuable tools to familiarise oneself with word patterns and rhythms, thus leading to good knowledge of how words are spelt.
But we play along.

This week, the list consists of words with "ea". Babeldad is saying the words, and BK1 is spelling them.
BabelDad:  "Unheard"
BK1, correcting him: "Unheard!"
BK2, corroborating: "Unheard!!"

Listen to them say it, and guess who is from oop North :)


  1. OK, I just really laughed out listening to that recording. No doubting where those girls learned English :) We have some competing dialects in our family, too.

    1. Yup, it was very funny this morning :) What are your dialects Melissa?


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