Monday 29 February 2016

BK2 is a pentalingual 8 year old!

BK2 is 8!

We celebrated her second birthday in Switzerland by inviting a few of her friends to a party. As all the children sat down to eat, we realised it was a pretty multicultural/multilingual bunch. Check this out:

BKsAlgeria, GermanyArabic, French, German, Swiss, English
BoyAustralia, New ZealandEnglish, Swiss, German
GirlNetherlandsDutch, Swiss, German
GirlSwitzerland, HungaryItalian, Swiss, Hungarian, English
GirlNorway, GermanySwiss, German, English, Norwegian
BoySpain, AustraliaSpanish, English
GirlSwitzerland, GermanyGerman, Swiss

By virtue of living in Switzerland, nearly everyone speaks more than one language to some extent. But these children with their 10 nationalities and 10 languages are multilingual and multicultural. They live their diversity on a daily basis, switching between languages all the time inside and outside.
And we love that!

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