Friday 19 February 2016

Ski Camp

BK1, who will be 11 in March, is currently taking part in a ski camp. Two firsts: going to a holiday camp and skiing.

She's a mere two-hour drive, but she could be at the other side of the world, she's been gone for 5 days today. I can't wait to see her tomorrow and hear all about it!

Meanwhile she sent me the following messages via her friend's phone.

Bonjour hadawin nadna. le snow ouw vraiment vraiment high. Est-ce que ça va el tmec. Eneya ou Anna ana nrcdo kdem each other ou berech kenna ne cuddleo ma each other. Comment sont les autres? Caien une notre Fille ou ai vraiment vraiment funny. Je pense peut-être gdro ne bio friends ou Anna aussi. Koli hello end les autres ou blic eni OK. Miss you. Le Internet hana ouw Rubbish. Bye Bye
Geh ouw bien. Rachna fok la piste rouge le whole morning. Ou berk tacht 5 fois. Krib rocht fok la Piste noire
 Next time anyone asks me what do the girls speak, I'll show them this!

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